Dynamically change charts from a drop down with a changeable data range

Super User Asked by Mirza on August 17, 2020

I will be straight to the point, aassuming you got a set of some measured data, and there in a Column A you got a product name, in Column B number of tests you did (always different) and third Column C are the results.

I wanted to make a dynamic chart where everytime I change my product name (column A), I will be getting exactly the results and test numbers for a given product. Sometimes there will be 5 tests, sometimes 25, always differing, depending on a product.

My idea was dynamic named ranges for all the columns, and then connecting via drop downs. Maybe this job will be a bit tedious because of amount of data, or is there another way?

My data is looking exactly like this, so no TABLE format and with this "average" yellow row.

Data set

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