During a long session, Windows 10 abruptly loses all USB ports and also ability to remote connect. Has anyone come across this issue?

Super User Asked by Stilez on November 27, 2020

This has happened about 3 times now. It’s just weird.

I have an PC on an isolated standalone LAN which is clean installed, and runs extremely long processing of data – it can take a week to 10 days to do a run. Normally it’s fine, but sometimes a few days in, it seems to hit some system issue – all USB hubs and ports die (perhaps powered down not just unresponsive: keyboard/mouse dark as well), and also I can’t login via remote desktop either. Effectively it’s bricked and I have to reboot and lose everything.

The funny thing is, it’s still working. I just can’t get back in. For example, the screen on the monitor is unaffected. I can’t log in via remote desktop as my usual account, but if I try to do so as Administrator it’ll pop up the "Do you trust certificates" yellow popup at the client the first time – but then cant connect. Some kind of endpoint issue, or exhaustion, or something, I think. If I press the hardware "power" button briefly it starts the "Windows is shutting down", then "Programs open do you want to shut down anyway" and when I can’t respond, it reverts to the user login screen. So it’s not crashed. Just no way to control it.

Right now I’m locked out (yet again!) and can’t pull up any errors. But it’s only being used for one login/session as normal so nothing should be exhausted. I have a vague memory it once somehow unblocked the login or something a previous time, but could be wrong. I don’t know if the 2 symptoms are related or not, but threy happen together; I can’t determine their cause-effect order.

After a while it’ll let me go further with remote desktop – I get the title bar and black window (very slowly!) then "Session has ended" popup after maybe 20 seconds of this.

The system is running on an Intel platform, 6 months old, asus workstation range motherboard (WS Sage X299 and i9-109xx CPU). It’s running Office 365 and doing a ton of processing in Excel and via a VB script that doesn’t do anything with the system, just loads data from the file, processes it, loads more, processes it…

Is there a way to get in? Has anyone ever heard of something like this?

When I get back in, what should I look for in the event log as a hint what happened – I know the 6 or 8 hour window it happened in but I’m not really skilled with Event Viewer drilling.

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