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Super User Asked by Grzenio on November 24, 2020

Is there a built-in command line tool for downloading files from the internet? I know there is wget for windows, which is fantastic piece of technology, but I am not allowed to install it 🙁 I just need basic functionality – connect to a url and save contents to disk (or push to sdtout).

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If inputting a HTTP request by hand is no problem then you can use telnet to connect on port 80. But Wget or cURL seem easier to use.

Correct answer by Kwebble on November 24, 2020

After windows 10 Insider build 17063 curl is default included with windows.

Answered by Wasif Hasan on November 24, 2020

Via FTP there's an ftp command available on Windows since XP.

Aside from the ones mentioned already, I've found aria2 to be an excellent CLI downloading utility. It supports HTTP/HTTPS, FTP, Bittorrent and Metalink downloads.

Answered by Isxek on November 24, 2020

If you have Firefox installed, then you can install the iMacros for Firefox addon even with only normal user rights. It is a browser automator. You can use it - among many other things - to download files via the command line.

Answered by DMeister on November 24, 2020

How about URL2Disk .I found it here

They say it supports download of images, files, audio file, video file etc.

Answered by subanki on November 24, 2020

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