(SOLVED) - Error when sending money (C++ QT SDK)

Stellar Asked by lnband on August 21, 2021

I had this working before (like a week ago) but now I am having issues with sending money to an account. I keep getting this error string
“Error transferring – server replied: Bad Request”
but nothing in my code is different. Bellow is my Send Money function.

 Server* server = new Server("");

 AccountResponse* sourceAccount = server->accounts().account(source);
 QObject::connect(sourceAccount, &AccountResponse::ready, [sourceAccount, 
 source, dest, server]()
  qint64 sequenceNumber = sourceAccount->getSequenceNumber();
  Account* account = new Account(source, sequenceNumber);

  // Start building the transaction.
  Transaction::Builder *builder = new Transaction::Builder(account);
  builder->addOperation(new PaymentOperation(dest, new AssetTypeNative(), "10"));
  Transaction * mTrans = builder->build();

  // Sign the transaction to prove you are actually the person sending it.


I was making a mistake creating accounts which meant creating the same account over and over. The bad request refer to the fact I was trying to transfer credit from one account to the same account. Anyway all fixed now.

One Answer

Since it was working before, a couple of things to check are: - Does the source wallet have enough XLM remaining to complete the transaction? - It is possible congestion on the testnet caused a timeout (I ran into this recently). See

Answered by bmac on August 21, 2021

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