The Runner of type Shell don't work: Job failed (system failure): preparing environment:

Stack Overflow Asked by Arthu Vinicius Demetrio Santia on November 29, 2020

1- Environment:

  • Gitlab-CE
  • GitLab 13.2.1 (b55baf593e6)
  • GitLab Shell 13.3.0
  • GitLab Workhorse v8.37.0
  • GitLab API v4
  • Ruby 2.6.6p146
  • Rails
  • PostgreSQL 11.7
  • Debian GNU / Linux 10 server (buster)

2- .gitlab-ci.yml file:

  - echo "--------- STARTING WORK ------------"

     - homologation
     - cd /home/ati/
     - mkdir test
     - echo "got here"

     - master
     - cd /home/ati/test/
     - echo "got here"

3- Error presented when the runner is executed:
Running with gitlab-runner 13.2.1 (efa30e33) on runner with Akx_BvYF shell
Preparing the "shell" performer
Using Shell executor …
Preparing environment
Running on hermes …
ERROR: Job failed (system failure): prepare environment: exit status 1. Check for more information

4- correction attempts:
I read and executed all the procedures contained in the codumentation:

2 Answers

I finded the error! o/ I was erroneously editing the file .bash_logout located inside my Home /home/ati/

Gitlab when installing gitlab-runner create a Home for him in /home/gitlab-runner/

I just had to comment on the contents of the /home/gitlab-runner/.bash_logout file for the job to work.

Correct answer by Arthu Vinicius Demetrio Santia on November 29, 2020

Did you check these?

  • Debian users should use APT pinning, because a native package called gitlab-ci-multi-runner is available in Debian Stretch and by default, when installing gitlab-runner, that package from the official repositories will have a higher priority.

  • Also, be sure to disable SKEL when installing GitLab Runner: set the environment variable GITLAB_RUNNER_DISABLE_SKEL to true before you install the package.

For details on both, see

Answered by Iron Bishop on November 29, 2020

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