Save string to file without converting newlines using Python

Stack Overflow Asked by Kleiton Kurti on November 29, 2020

I want to save the following string into a file using Python. The string includes n which I don’t want to be converted into a new line. Here is my code:

text = 'hello "n" world'
file = open("file.js", "w")

When I open file.js I get the following output (which is expected):

hello "
" world

Is there any way to save the file without the newlines being forced to be be converted? My desired output to the file would be:

hello "n" world

One Answer

You can achieve this by escaping backslashes (\). So, you can just escape the newline character like:

text = 'hello "\n" world'

You can also use something called raw-strings which automatically escapes the backslashes for you. These are strings that precede with an r:

text = r'hello "n" world'


When written to a file, you will get the following, without any newline character in the middle:

'hello "n" world'

Correct answer by Melvin Abraham on November 29, 2020

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