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Stack Overflow Asked by Clayton Crockville on December 5, 2020

I know this question has been asked a lot but I haven’t seem to find a solution even tho I’ve tried different scenarios.

this.state = {
      chartTypes: [{name: 'Bar', id: 1},{name: 'Line', id: 2},{name: 'Pie', id: 3},{name: 'Radar', id: 4} ],
      selectedChart: [],

  onSelect = (selectedList, selectedItem) => {
   // returns name of chartTypes, returns id of chartTypes.

  onRemove = (selectedList, removedItem) => {
       // returns name of chartTypes, returns id of chartTypes.

The select option works fine but I just put it there so you can have a better understanding. onSelect puts every into selectedChart. On the remove function, how may I remove item from this.state.selectedChart based on the value/index.

3 Answers

Just filter and set backed to state

onRemove = (selectedList, removedItem) => {
      let filtered = this.state.chartTypes.filter(list=> !;
      this.setState({ chartTypes: filtered });

Answered by Vahid Akhtar on December 5, 2020

I think you can do something like this

    let temp = this.state.selectedChart;
    temp=temp.filter((item) => item !==;
    this.setState({ selectedChart: temp });

Answered by Ahmad Suddle on December 5, 2020

var newArray = this.state.selectedChart.filter((el)=> !

after filter


Answered by Yoel on December 5, 2020

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