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Stack Overflow Asked by ComCool on December 3, 2020

Is there any easy way to use reCAPTCHA v3 in react? Did a google search an can only find components for v2. And only react-recaptcha-v3 for v3.

But I get an error Invalid site key or not loaded in api.js when I try to use the component.

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I am teaching myself React + TypeScript and this is what I came up with to implement recaptcha v3.

I wanted a simple solution that would allow me to:

  • get the token dynamically only when the form is submitted to avoid timeouts and duplicate token errors
  • use recaptcha only on some components for privacy reasons (eg. login, register, forgot-password) instead of globally defining recaptcha api.js in index.html
  • require the least code possible to implement in a component


declare global {
    interface Window {
        grecaptcha: any;

export default class reCAPTCHA {
    siteKey: string;
    action: string;

    constructor(siteKey: string, action: string) {
        this.siteKey = siteKey;
        this.action = action;

    async getToken(): Promise<string> {
        let token = "";
        await window.grecaptcha.execute(this.siteKey, {action: this.action})
            .then((res: string) => {
                token = res;
        return token;

const loadReCaptcha = (siteKey: string) => {
    const script = document.createElement('script')
    script.src = `${siteKey}`

To use this class declare it as a property in the component:

recaptcha = new reCAPTCHA((process.env.REACT_APP_RECAPTCHA_SITE_KEY!), "login");

And on form submit get the token that you need to pass to backend:

let token: string = await this.recaptcha.getToken();

To verify the token on the backend:


const fetch = require("node-fetch");
const threshold = 0.6;

export async function validateRecaptcha(recaptchaToken: string, expectedAction: string) : Promise<boolean> {
    const recaptchaSecret = process.env.RECAPTCHA_SECRET_KEY;
    const url = `${recaptchaSecret}&response=${recaptchaToken}`;
    let valid = false;
    await fetch(url, {method: 'post'})
        .then((response: { json: () => any; }) => response.json())
        .then((data: any)=> {
            valid = (data.success && data.score && data.action && data.score >= threshold && data.action === expectedAction);
    return valid;

I have very limited experience with JS/TS and React but this solution does work for me. I welcome any input on improving this code.

Answered by HomeIsWhereThePcIs on December 3, 2020

Hey you don't need a package, its just an unnecessary package you don't need. I wrote an article about why you shouldn't use it and another package. Don't rely on some package! Rely on google instead :)

const handleLoaded = _ => {
  window.grecaptcha.ready(_ => {
      .execute("_reCAPTCHA_site_key_", { action: "homepage" })
      .then(token => {
        // ...

useEffect(() => {
  // Add reCaptcha
  const script = document.createElement("script")
  script.src = ""
  script.addEventListener("load", handleLoaded)
}, [])

return (

Answered by Alex Dunlop on December 3, 2020

Try this one! npm install react-google-recaptcha-v3

Answered by Carlos Vieira on December 3, 2020

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