Pandas dataframe only select the columns that have all True

Stack Overflow Asked by learningisfun on December 11, 2020

Given a dataframe df, I need to select the columns that have only True values

df = 
      A      B      C       D       E
    True    False   True   False   True

Output should be

output = [A, C, E]

2 Answers

Try iterating through it and putting the keys in a list (you can easily modify this to result in a dict, though).

result = []
for i in df.keys():
    if df[i].all():

Answered by ericl16384 on December 11, 2020

Try boolean indexing with all (for only True values):



Index(['A', 'C', 'E'], dtype='object')

Answered by Quang Hoang on December 11, 2020

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