In Phabricator, how can I browse the repository at a specific commit?

Stack Overflow Asked by bers on September 9, 2020

Take the phabricator Phabricator:

How can I browse this whole code before the last commit (79375c6c5398), so, after ce0dc9a2ba2c?

GitHub let’s me do this like so:

One Answer;ce0dc9a2ba2

Phabricator provides a similar link when viewing a commit under ‘branches’ which looks like …/<branch>/;…. This adds a section which compares the commit to the branch but still lets you navigate the repo at that commit. Removing that section of the URL removes that part of the page, but you’ll have to create the link yourself as this link without the branch comparison doesn’t seem to be made available in the UI.

Correct answer by grg on September 9, 2020

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