How to print a large incompletely filled array only till last entered int (in C)?

Stack Overflow Asked by A P Jo on September 10, 2020

I’m using int er[3001]. I’ll be taking user input, but it is unlikely that entire array size will be used.

In a char array / string, one would simply set a for loop testing arr[i] != . How is this effect achieved for an int array ?

I’m assuming using the same exact condition won’t work?

One Answer

I'm assuming using the same exact condition wont work ?

You're right in this, there's no default sentinel value for marking the end of integer array. You need to either:

  • Keep track of the # of elements entered successfully
  • Initialize the array with an invalid value (let's say, -1, when all expected inputs are non-negative) and get to the first invalid value location after the input.
  • Use a user-defined sentinel value in the input itself to mark the end of the input.

Correct answer by Sourav Ghosh on September 10, 2020

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