How to concatenate 3 lists even if there are a list null?

Stack Overflow Asked by AlexZ on December 5, 2020

I have a problem when concatenating 3 lists, the problem is that it comes from a multi-select combo so I tried to concatenate the three lists even if they came empty but the "concatenate" instruction does not work with empty lists, someone could guide me.

if (model.Estatus.Count() < 3)
    if (model.Estatus.Contains(2))
        var aut = listaCompleta.Where(x => x.Autorizada == true).ToList();
        listaAutorizada.Concat(listaCompleta.Where(x => x.Autorizada == true).ToList());
    if (model.Estatus.Contains(3))
        listaRechazada.Concat(listaCompleta.Where(x => x.Autorizada == false).ToList());
    if (model.Estatus.Contains(4))
        listaPendientes.Concat(listaCompleta.Where(x => x.Autorizada == null).ToList());

When a list is empty it turns the result list into null as well. What other alternative could you use to make the union of these lists?

2 Answers

This method can be used in many scenarios:

class Program
    static void Main()
        var list1 = new List<string> { "bella", "ci" };
        var list2 = new List<string> { "bella", "ci" };
        List<string> list3 = null;

        var result = ConcatLists(list1, list2, list3);

    public static List<T> ConcatLists<T>(params List<T>[] lists)
        var outputList = new List<T>();

        foreach(var list in lists)
            if (list != null)

        return outputList;

Answered by Marco Salerno on December 5, 2020

You need to check for null with this code:

?? Enumerable.Empty<theListType>()

So your code should looks like this:

var result = (list1 ?? Enumerable.Empty<ListType>()).Concat(list2 ?? 
           Enumerable.Empty<ListType>()).Concat(list3 ?? Enumerable.Empty<ListType>());

Answered by Salah Akbari on December 5, 2020

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