how could i make this assembly code (selection sort algorithm) 2 or 3 milliseconds faster?

Stack Overflow Asked by Edgar Torres on September 13, 2020

i tried alot of things, but that is as close as i got. my assigment asks me to create an assembly selection sort algorith faster than a c++ selection sort algorithm. the difference between my code and the c++ code is 200 or 300 miliseconds, sometimes even 100 milisecond

the assembly procedure takes two arguments, one for the array and one for the number of elements

i am thinking of using stack, and i am thinking that i might not need twp registers to point to the same array but i am not sure how to incorporate it


TITLE AsmSelectionSort Procedure (AsmSelectionSort.asm)

 .model flat,C

 AsmSelectionSort PROTO, arrayPTR:PTR DWORD, count:DWORD


 AsmSelectionSort PROC arrayPTR:PTR DWORD, count:DWORD

 ; Performs a selection sort on an array of  32-bit integers.
 ; ----------------------------------------------------------
 mov ecx, count
 dec ecx
 mov esi, arrayPTR

 mov edx, arrayPTR

 L9:push ecx
 or ecx, ecx
 jz L5
 mov edi, 4

 or ecx, ecx
 jz L3
 add edx, 4
 mov ebx, [edx]
 cmp [esi], ebx
 jb L2
 mov eax, [esi]
 mov [esi + edi], eax
 mov [esi], ebx
 dec ecx
 add edi, 4
 jmp L6

 pop ecx
 dec ecx
 add esi, 4
 mov edx, esi
 jmp L9

 jmp short omega

 ret   ; return
AsmSelectionSort ENDP


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