Function composition using Go syntax

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Below is the problem:

Define a function make_fn_repeater which takes in a one-argument function
f and an integer x. It should return another function which takes in one
argument, another integer. This function returns the result of applying f to
x this number of times.
Make sure to use recursion in your solution, as shown below:

func make_fn_repeater(___________________):
    if _______________________:
          return __________________
          return __________________
    return ____________________

Sample output:

incr_1 := make_func_repeater(lambda x: x + 1, 1)
incr_1(2) // returns 3
incr_1(5) // returns 6

Below solution is without recursion:

package main

import "fmt"

type fn func(int) int

func makeFnRepeater(f fn, x int) fn {

    return func(y int) int {
        return f(y)


func main() {
    inc := makeFnRepeater(func(x int) int { return x + 1 }, 1)


Is it possible to implement solution using recursion? I don’t see that

One Answer

It sounds like you want to do this:

func makeFnRepeater(f fn, x int) fn {
  if x == 1 {
    return f
  } else {
    return func(y int) int {
      return f(makeFnRepeater(f, x - 1)(y))

Correct answer by dave on July 28, 2020

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