Failing the mock method return with arguments as Parameter

Stack Overflow Asked by podoi17 on July 30, 2020

I am failing to write a Test because the answer of my when().thanReturn() is not returning anything. I am not able to mock the behavior (Setup is Spring Boot, Java 8, Junit 4).
The problem is that the Method being called is taking method References as a parameters:

List<PubSubMessage> findMessages(DateCheckerPredicate whichDateFunction, MessageRepoPredicate whichQueryToUse, int tableId) {
List<PubSubMessage> rulesToPublish = new ArrayList<>();
    List<Object> queryResult = whichQueryToUse.findObjects(tableName);
    if(queryResult != null) {
        queryResult.forEach(object -> {
            if(whichDateFunction.checkDates(object)) {
                rulesToPublish.add(new PubSubMessage(tableId, object.getId()));
    return rulesToPublish;

Calling the method looks something like this:

public void methodToTest {
   List<PubSubMessage> messages = dao.findMessages(MessageDateChecker::msgCanBePublished, msgRepo::findMsgesToPublish, tableId);

where MessageDateChecker uses static "helper Methods" and msgRepo is a class which is annotated with Springs @Service and using jdbcTemplates to query the DB. And the class looks something like this:

private Dao dao;
private MsgRepo msgRepo;
public SomeService(Dao dao, MsgRepo msgRepo) {
   this.dao = dao;
   this.msgRepo = msgRepo;

The test setup looks something like this:

private Dao dao;
private MsgRepo msgRepo;
public SomeService(dao, msgRepo)
private int tableId = 1;
private String tableName = "someTableName";

public void someTest() {
    List<PubSubMessage> list = new ArrayList<>();
    list.add(new PubSubMessage(tableId, 12));
    List<Object> objects = new ArrayList<>();
    objects.add(new Object(12, new Date(), null));
    when(dao.findMessages(MessageDateChecker::msgCanBePublished, msgRepo::findMessagesToActivate, tableId)).thenReturn(list);

   someService.methodToTest() //in here findRules is getting called()


Like I mentioned above the when().thanReturn() should return the predefined list but when running the test, it always returns null. Does anyone can provide some help? Probably I need to do a better job mocking the method-references which are being passed at a parameter. But So far I am failing to do it right.

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As I wrote in my comment, just use any() as in

when(dao.findMessages(any(), any(), eq(tableId))).thenReturn(list);

The problem is that if you pass something like SomeClass::someMethod, this creates an intermediate object that implements the expected functional interface. If you do the same in the test code, another object will be created, so the matcher will not regard them as the same.

Answered by daniu on July 30, 2020

The parameter values being passed while mocking dao.findMessages(), should be the same as the values when the method is called inside someService.methodToTest(). Else you can use ArgumentsMatcher.any(). Personally I prefer to evaluate what will come there and then pass the same args while mocking.

Answered by saurabh kedia on July 30, 2020

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