Can I bundle Pepper Flash in an Electron.js app to run Flash in 2021+?

Stack Overflow Asked by rogiller on August 14, 2020

So, I have followed and have successfully ran our Flash app inside Electron with an embedded Chrome 83 version.

I have even tested setting the computer clock ahead into 2022 and confirmed it still runs Flash and avoids the Flash time bomb (Jan 12, 2021 is the Flash time bomb date according to my testing) that is built into the regular browser Flash plugins.

However, am I allowed to distribute the Electron Mac & Windows binaries to our customers? Any insight would be much appreciated!

One Answer

In email conversations directly with Adobe staff, I have confirmed you need to have a Flash licensing contract to legally distribute the Flash plugins in an Electron app. I believe it's always been this way and will continue to be.

However, Adobe is no longer the company to work with for licensing. Adobe has endorsed Harman as the Flash partner/maintainer going forward into the future. See

If you connect with Harman, they can sell you a license that will allow you to distribute the Flash plugins in an Electron app ongoing into the future. They can also provide you a packaged browser (their own Electron app) that points to your Flash URL.

Answered by rogiller on August 14, 2020

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