c# error - Can not convert Array to byte array

Stack Overflow Asked by Rakesh on August 2, 2020

I am trying cast a Json data to byte array and then save it in SQL image field, code is below

public string Post([FromBody] dynamic data)
        foreach (var item in data)
               imgPhoto1 = (byte[])item["Photo1"];

But getting error Can not convert Array to byte array

 byte[] imgPhoto1 = (byte[])item["Photo1"];

Values in field item["Photo1"] is look like below


any help will be appreciated

One Answer

If your parameter data is JToken, then you need convert it to desired type. Try to use:

var obj = item["Photo1"].ToObject<byte[]>();

And will be better explicit declare your parameter data as JToken.

Correct answer by Alex69rus on August 2, 2020

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