Built ASP.NET Application in Visual Studio - How Move it to IIS Express?

Stack Overflow Asked by DaveC on January 1, 2022

Been scouring web, this seems like a very simple thing to do…I have done a lot of PHP deployments, but ASP.NET is killing me…

I built ASP.NET app in Visual Studio. I can run it from the IIS Express button. Not sure what it does, sticks in on a new port. Anyway, I want to take this app and put it under IIS Express so I can run it just from localhost in browser. I know how to Publish, and can create the publish folder under bin. All very simple. But, in the directions, it says to copy all those files to the web site – I’ve done that, into the document root. But there is no htm, html, .aspx, etc, etc file. How do I run this app that I copied over?

For example, my app is HelloWorld. There are EXE, DLL, PDB, JSON, and other files in the publish folder. There is a wwwroot folder with CSS and other stuff. What do I need to do to put this under IIS Express and run it as /localhost/HelloWorld or whatever?

I am missing something very elementary here. I feel stupid, because I’ve done some very complex sites with PHP, JS, MySQL, etc, etc…


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No static files such as HTML is a normal phenomenon in AspNet Core application hosting files. Just place all build output files into the root directory of the website. Also, please ensure that the Asp.Net Core hosting bundle has been installed on the webserver.
In addition, IIS Express just a simplified version of the webserver, in order to facilitate Visual Studio debugging web application. try to enable the IIS standard web server in windows.
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Feel free to let me know if the problem still exists.

Answered by Abraham Qian on January 1, 2022

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