What happens after the penalty if a player is snookered behind a free ball?

Sports Asked on January 2, 2022

What happens after the penalty is applied when a player is snookered behind a free ball? This question pertains to the rule when a free ball has been nominated, but the player not only fails to sink the free ball, but also snookers the other player with it. In that case the rule says:

Not potting the free ball incurs no penalty, so the striker may play a
snooker using the free ball, gratis. However, if said snooker is
achieved by having the free ball obstructing the ball on, then the
strike is a foul and a penalty of the value of the ball on is awarded
to the opponent.

Okay, but that still leaves the player snookered. For example, let’s imagine Player A has a free ball and nominates the green ball. He snookers the cue ball behind the green. So, in that case Player A will have fouled and Player B receives 4 points. What happens then? Player B will still be snookered behind the green. Does B have to try to escape the snooker, even though he was awarded points for the foul?

One Answer

Player B gets a free ball, because he is snookered after a foul.

Answered by timseal on January 2, 2022

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