What does this number mean in PGA Tournament scores?

Sports Asked on April 20, 2021

Golf newbie here. I’m watching the Valero Texas Open, round 4. It just started, and a player just completed the 1st hole making a Par in this Par-4 hole (thus having made 4 shots so far).

However the scoreboard says he’s got a "1" out of 72. What does this "1" mean? Shouldn’t it say he’s got "4" (as in 4 shots so far)?

I remember round 3 yesterday they all ended with scores of around 65 or so out of the 72 shots total. But also I remember some of them being at the 18th hole with a score of just "17", which was suddenly updated to "65" when the round ended. Is this a delay thing? Does this number mean a different thing? Thanks!

One Answer

The 1 means they have completed 1 hole. The 17 meant they had completed 17 holes. Once you finish, they show the total score for that round.

enter image description here

This image illustrates it. The first number is the players total score through that point in the tournament. One player, Sean O’Hair, had completed his round, so it shows his round score. The rest haven’t, so it shows how many holes they have completed.

Correct answer by mikeazo on April 20, 2021

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