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Why does the piano sound of my keyboard sound so "odd" through my audio interface?

I use a Yamaha psr-s670 and a focusrite 2i2 interface for production. When I choose a sound like Strings or Sax, the audio sounds clean and rich in the DAW,...

Asked on 01/06/2022 by Moises Sagols

0 answer

What type of microphone is best for a medium space room mix?

I'm looking for a way to record a live dance class in a 25' x 20' space. I want the classroom ambience but also want the teacher's voice to be...

Asked on 01/02/2022 by Psyntax

2 answer

Recording sound and getting the frequency of any given point

Not entirely sure if this question goes on this site, but I think it covers this one more than the others. I need to record some audio of human speech...

Asked on 12/31/2021

1 answer

Contact Microphone Noise Isolation

I have a piezo contact microphone which I am using to detect running water in a pipe. I intend to use this signal to determine the time at which water...

Asked on 12/31/2021 by Groger

0 answer

Microphone recording problems where vowels are buzzing at a high pitch

Can someone help me with this... I have a rode NT usb mic. It's a nice mic, but it squeaks a high pitch only on vowels. It's really frustrating because...

Asked on 12/24/2021 by MonotonicO Music

0 answer

Create Control Track for BWAV Audio Description

One of the client in UK is asking for BWAV AD file with control Track. How to Create Control Track for BWAV Audio Description and export as .wav file...

Asked on 12/12/2021 by Sumant Jamdar

1 answer

Frequency and emotional response

I remember that a few months back, someone copied a link to a site that had a great display on the frequency bandwidth and what frequencies affected which emotions and...

Asked on 12/10/2021 by oinkaudio

2 answer

How do you put a mic cable inside a rode boompole

How do you put a mic cable inside a rode boompole? I'm having a heck of a time. Do I have to cut the cable and resolder it after I...

Asked on 12/10/2021 by imnickb

4 answer

"diagonal clipping" in recent pop music productions?

Thanks to the loudness war, most modern music productions suffer from bad audio quality, distortion and clipping. However, recently I noticed that some audio productions...

Asked on 12/10/2021

3 answer

How to relate audio PCM data to a dB SPL value?

I've got a set with MEMS microphones that measure audio signals at ultrasonic frequencies. The MEMS microphones have a PDM output which is then converted into PCM (this is necessary...

Asked on 11/25/2021

0 answer

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