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Software Recommendations Asked by jw_ on November 7, 2020

Need to write some note about some program, such note contains source code copied from the source code of that program which need to prevent line wrap. The note also contains comments (not comments in the source code with need to prevent line wrap too) about the source code which need a text editor that can do line wrap like Office Word.

This is like Office Word plus “pasted without line wrap” which create a paragraph that have very long page width.

The note is mainly a note which can be formated like set font size/colors. It is not a source code with comments!

The platform is Windows 10.

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I would suggest you jump on the developer side of that problem and edit your prose using Asciidoc format. There are quite correct editors (as an example AsciidocFX). This is quite a simple format (more or less like Markdown), but it will allow you to include code with ease, and apply really good text formatting.

Answered by Riduidel on November 7, 2020

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