Where can I find a portable (no install necessary) CLI git client for windows?

Software Recommendations Asked by user2813274 on September 23, 2020

I am looking for something that I can use for working with git repositories on windows that is 100% portable (copy-paste the files to a separate machine and have it work) and CLI based – I had a version of git bash that met these requirements previously, but I can’t find it anymore and it is now an older version that doesn’t support newer, useful features.

Any suggestions?

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I also used the portable Git bash until recently. I now use Magit. It's an Emacs extension to interface with Git repositories. It can be installed from Melpa or Git. The Emacs installation for Windows is precompiled and 100% portable. You just need to extract the zip file which can be downloaded from here. Features of Magit are:

  • Runs directly from the editor using simple commands and keyboard shortcuts. There's no need to open an additional application
  • Portable and cross platform. Still runs when you paste the directory on another machine. Copy the init file from the user directory if you'd like to preserve the configuration as well
  • Up to date
  • Easy to learn commands such as: magit-stage-all, magit-commit, and magit-push with corresponding keyboard shortcuts

Correct answer by Tymric on September 23, 2020

I have created a portable build of Git here:

Zip is only 3 MB. Inside the Zip is just 3 files:


the executables are fully static linked, so no DLL needed.

Answered by Steven Penny on September 23, 2020

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