How to detect defects at a contour?

Signal Processing Asked by Superuser on November 26, 2020

I am detecting a contour of a smooth metal. I do binarization first then use openCV contour function. But sometimes the metal has defects such as dots or dusts at edge. This leads a unsmooth edge. Is there any way I can detect these defects with openCV function or some math calculation?
This is the contour result.
enter image description here
This is zoomed images for defected contour result.
enter image description hereenter image description here

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My suggestion: find the center, calculate the distance of each pixel to the center. If a given distance is too (above threshold) different from the neighborhood then it's a defect. Other possibility is to fit a figure model if you always have the same shape and then calculate the error.

Correct answer by Filipe Pinto on November 26, 2020

Couple of approaches come to mind: you could pick an arbitrary "first" red pixel, then take a square of say 5×5 pixels around it, and simply figure out which quadratic function is a best fit for these, and infer the curvature from that.

Pick an arbitrary direction to start from that point and pick the next pixels; calculate the curvature of the 5×5 square surrounding that pixel. Find the absolute difference between last and current curvature; if it changed too much, you've found an abrupt corner.

In your specific example, applying to the whole image a 5×5 moving average filter would also suffice: Far as I can tell, there shouldn't be more than a relatively low number of red pixels in every 5×5 square, so if there's one with more, you've got your type of defect.

Other options include morphological classical tricks like erosion / dilation: use one operation to surround every red pixels with a fixed-diameter disk of red. Then do the same, with a diameter one linewidth (or more) larger disk, with the white in the picture. Check whether anything remains red afterwards.

PS: JPEG is the wrong image format / compression for line-style graphics. You'd want to work with PNG.

Answered by Marcus Müller on November 26, 2020

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