user gets access denied when adding new document in folder

SharePoint Asked by lies ugent on November 17, 2020

In my SharePoint 2013 environment I have a site where the admin user group has design rights + security management rights. A readers permission group has read access on the site. I have a document library with one folder. On the folder I break the inheritance and give the readers group contribute access.

When the user from the readers groups wants to add a new document (Ribbon –> new document –> document) he gets a pop-up with an access denied message.

Why can’t the user add a new document with contribute access?

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Just to make sure I have tested this. And did the same flow as you mentioned and given user contribute rights.

If user is seeing New, Upload option means they have sufficient access. I am able to create a new document, also I am able to upload existing documents. If this is not yet resolved, please let me know specific steps you are seeing access denied.



Answered by Rare Solutions on November 17, 2020

A folder is an item, and is not considered a different instance of the list. On the list, your readers still have Read privilages and will not be able to add the documents. They will be able to edit the folder with the Contribute level permission you have provided, but will still not be able to add items to it because they do not have write permissions to the list.

I would suggest creating a sepatate security group with a custom permission level to allow the addition of documents to the specified library. You can still use the item permissions for them to be able to see only curtain items/folders on the list, but they will need to be able to have the permissions for them to add items regardless.

Answered by lazoDev on November 17, 2020

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