I want to create a Flow that will trigger an email alert

SharePoint Asked by DGoetz on December 2, 2021

I have a custom list that I need to create a Power Automate trigger to send an email alert similar the the "Alert me" option. Alert me

I want the alert to be sent to the assigned part whenever a new item is created or an existing item is modified. I have that part figured out but it is the alert that I am having trouble with. I can get an email to send a custom notification email but what I want it to send is below. Any ideas?


EDIT: Going to go about this a different way. Here is what I am thinking…

When a item is created or modified I receive an alert in my inbox. This is the OOTB alert, which is really nice because it provides great detail and identities changes of an item.

What I want to happen now is that alert be forwarded to the “assigned to” email address from the item. Like this…

Email received as SP alert > data pulled from the list / item (I imagine this will be done external of the actual email but via the list / item itself) > email forwarded to the “assigned to” email address

Seems pretty straight forward when I write it out but I can’t seem to find a way to pull the data needed from the list and apply that to an email already received then forward accordingly…

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Second answer for the changed scenario:

to do this with a Flow, you can set up a rule to put the messages into a specific folder. Then use the email trigger "When an email arrives" and point it to that folder.

You cannot use the "Get Item" property to get the item, because the email alert does not give you the item ID, just the title. Since the title may not be unique, that might be a problem.

So, if (and only if) the email contains a field that is a unique identifier for the item, you can parse the email body text to extract the unique value. Then you can use the "Get items" (plural) action and use a oData filter in the Advanced settings to return only the desired item. From there, you can get its ID, then load the item with "Get Item" (singular) and you have all the item properties.

From the properties, get the person to send the email to and copy the trigger email body into the notification.

I have not tested this, but this is the logic of the flow. If the email does not contain anything that uniquely identifies the item, this approach will not work.

Answered by teylyn on December 2, 2021

The "Alert me" functionality has been in SharePoint for several versions, at least since WSS, i.e. 2003. This legacy functionality does not have an action in modern PowerAutomate.

You say you know how to send the email. That's the action you need. Just put all the field titles and their values into the email body.

Edit: to send to the assigned contact, just use that field in the To field of the email.

Answered by teylyn on December 2, 2021

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