how to use more than ten filters in conditions of list view

SharePoint Asked by SPLearner on December 9, 2020

Can we create more than ten filters in list . SharePoint 2010 is providing only 10 filters OOTB and in my scenario i am having 35 filters how can i make it with. can we do it with JQuery ?enter image description here

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Plain JQuery on the list view will not be an option, because list data is queried from the server and usually is returned in pages. But you have several options:

1. Simplify your filter query with calculated fields. When you have complex queries it is good practice to create calculated columns with formula which has some boolean logic of the view and returns TRUE or FALSE results, and then you can create views using these calculated column(s). This technique is highly recommended because can help you to strongly simplify your queries and improve performance.

2. Create/modify a view programatically. You should write your own CAML query and create a new view or modify query part of an existing view if you have one already. There are some tools that can help you to write and test CAML query, like CamlDesigner. To modify/create a view you also have several options:

  1. Server Side code. If you can use server side code it would be easiest to use PowerShell script (or C# code) and set the SPView.Query
  2. Client Side code. You can also modify/create a view using CSOM or JSOM. SP.View object has a property SP.View.viewQuery

Keep in mind if you create such a complex view in programatically you will not be able to modify it using UI.

3. Use Search. If you have such a complex query on the list and it has large set of data, you should consider using Search query to have better performance.

Answered by ECM4D on December 9, 2020

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