CSS Script for Multiple Columns Boxed Style

SharePoint Asked by Elebie on December 6, 2020

Using Sharepoint 2013,

List with Boxed Style. Looking for script to include in script editor to change the columns from two to three.

One Answer

  • Open the view in Sharepoint designer
  • Locate the "List view tools" bar and select "Design".
  • Click "Customize XSLT" then select "Customize entire view"
  • Find this line of code

    xsl:when test="$Position mod 2 = 0"

    and update it as you need. For instance: If you need to display 4 columns instate of 2 then, replace the line of code by the following:

xsl:when test="$Position mod 4 = 0"

Answered by Vikas Sharma on December 6, 2020

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