Auto populate Custom Memo ID field in InfoPath

SharePoint Asked by TBR_2019 on December 2, 2021

I’m currently working on a SharePoint list and have been asked to develop a new form for when an Item is added to the list. I have the new form completed except for the final edit. I have a column Named “Memo ID”, on the new form this field needs to be automatically populated to the next Memo ID # when you open the form by clicking on add new item in the SharePoint list. For Example: Memo ID # of last item added to list is 202010. When the form opens up to add a new item The Memo ID # should already be 202011.

I’m new to SharePoint and InfoPath, any help would be greatly appreciated.

One Answer

Create a Receive data connection to the list, on Form Load retrieve the item with the largest number, increment that number by one and populate the field in the new form.

More details and step by step instructions here.

Answered by teylyn on December 2, 2021

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