Setting password for MySQL root user in CLoudSQL with private IP address

Server Fault Asked by Zama Ques on December 26, 2020

How to change the password for MySQL root user in GCP CloudSQL DB instance with private IP address . I am able to change the password using the below command from Cloud Shell with Public IP

    gcloud sql users set-password root  --instance=testdb --prompt-for-password

but it does not work for instances with Private IP address .

I can use the GCP Console to change the password but the root user is not listed under Users TAB

Console--> CloudSQL--> DB Instance --> Users

Other option seems installing gcloud on a VM in the same network as CloudSQL and change it using below command

gcloud sql users set-password root  --instance=testdb --prompt-for-password

Any other suggestion to change password for root user in a MySQL private DB instance . I need to change the password as initially the DB was created skipping the password.

Also is it more secure to use --host=% option while changing the password with gcloud command.

gcloud sql users set-password root --host=% --instance=testdb  --prompt-for-password

One Answer

I tested the command and I was not able to update the password not even in a Cloud SQL instance with public IP (and I did a lot of tests for example running the command from a VM). I raised a Public Issue Tracker mentioning this issue. I recommend you add a +1 in order that the engineering team this issue into consideration and this one be resolved :)

Answered by Andie Vanille on December 26, 2020

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