Why would travelling hyperspace kill Frog Lady's eggs?

Science Fiction & Fantasy Asked by Leprechaun on May 8, 2021

In S02E02 the Mandalorian gives a ride to a Frog Lady. However they have to travel at sub-light speed, because apparently, travelling at hyperspeed would kill her eggs. It is not explained further and feels like really lazy writing. I can’t think of any plausible reason why would the hyperspeed kill the eggs. Is there a canon or legends explanation for that?

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In canon there's something called 'Cronau radiation' which was emitted by spaceships when they jumped to and from hyperspace.

The specialist at the station thrust his head forward.

“Sir, sensors are registering anomalous readings and Cronau radiation in the red zone—”

“Wake rotation!” another spec cut in. “We’ve got a mark in from hyperspace, sir—and it’s a big one.

Star Wars: Tarkin

The frog lady's eggs might be vulnerable to this in particular, or other types of radiation which most organisms can ignore.

Correct answer by Garret Gang on May 8, 2021

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