Who are these characters/superheroes in the posters from Chris's room in Family Guy?

Science Fiction & Fantasy Asked by Shreedhar on November 10, 2020

In Chris’s room in Family Guy we see some posters of superheroes. I could identify one of them as Triton from Marvel comics

green Triton

But I’m not able to recognize the three other characters (marked in red boxes in images below)

three unknown Characters

Are these actual fictional characters that appear somewhere? If yes, who are they?

Some closer-up pictures:

Poster #1:
Poster #1

Poster #2:
Poster #2

Poster #3:
Poster #3

Bonus, Triton poster:
Triton poster

4 Answers

The creators of Family Guy probably didn't invest too much money and effort into small pieces of background props like these. Therefore, I'd assume that they didn't use any actual characters, for which they would have needed to pay licensing fees, negotiate how the characters may and may be not be used and so forth.

I'd assume they rather drew up some "superhero-y" figures who have the typical attributes many "real" superheros have. The first one seems to pick up the "bird prototype" like for example Hawk Man or the Winged Bird-Men from Flash Gordon.

The second one goes for the "animalistic/force of nature plus muscles, and more muscles" variant, like Beast (especially how he looked in the 90s), Hulk or Thing. The third one is probably a Silver Surfer with a different color scheme. The one you connected to Triton might also have a bit of Swamp Thing in its line of ancestors.

So, they're probably no actual characters, but generic figures that transport the idea "Chris is into superheroes".

Correct answer by Henning Kockerbeck on November 10, 2020

The Blue Dude is A-Bomb, a Marvel Character from the Hulk Comics.

Seth Green does his voice for "Hulk and the agents of Smash"

Answered by Luke on November 10, 2020

1) Follows the general appearance of a sea creature that appears in various media. I'm not aware if that is a specific character. e.g. Creature from the Black Lagoon, Scooby Doo - Sea Demon

Sea Demon

2) Could be a Birdman costume variant. Although there are other similar heroes like Hawkman, as commented by Valorum.


3) Appears to be Beast, from the X-men. Definitely not with the close up picture. Keeping for posterity. Beast

4) Seems familiar, but I can't place them.

Answered by M_the_C on November 10, 2020

Partial answer: the second one certainly looks like the Pokémon Machoke. Bulky, purple skin, black underwear with golden belt.


Answered by Jenayah on November 10, 2020

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