Unpackage an unlocked package

Salesforce Asked by An Le on December 26, 2020

I have a situation where there are different repositories on our team. It’s messy. One person would code and deploy using VisualStudioCode SFDX deploy to Orgs. One would create an unlocked package and save all of his files in a Github account.

This would lead to a problem where if a third person wants to create a component to that unlocked package app, he either has to clone that project, code and push it. If he would code that component using SFDX in visual studio code, the component would not appear in the sandbox.

My question here is what would be the best practice?

Me personally I would prefer to have one true source and deploy using SFDC integration with visual studio code rather than create an unlocked package.

So how can I unpackage an unlocked package or how can I push a lightning component to that package?


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