No such field ActivityOriginType even though returned through field map

Salesforce Asked by Tyler Dahle on January 4, 2022

We have an all fields query that gets the field map from an object’s describe in Apex. It then loops over the map and assembles a query.

In one clients org, the field map is spitting out ActivityOriginType on the Task, but then when the query goes, we get this:

System.QueryException: No such column 'activityorigintype' on entity 'Task'.

We had issues with things like LastViewedDate where the field map gave out that field, but it wasn’t actually accessible because there wasn’t a tab for the object. Enabling the Enable Improved Caching of Org Schema critical update fixed issues with LastViewedDate but apparently isn’t fixing issues with this ActivityOriginType field.

Does anyone know where this field came from and how you can get around this? My concern with adding it to a set of fields to leave out of the query is: I don’t know how many of these weird hidden fields exist on various objects or if new ones will be added so the set will continuously need updating.

Is there a way to just toss them out? Is there something that can be done in the org to fix this issue with this field without a new package?

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