Live Chat: What is the difference between Queue Size Per Agent and Capacity?

Salesforce Asked by bpilling on November 27, 2020

We use Live Chat for one of our communities. Today some of our business users said they were no longer able to open more than 2 chats simultaneously, whereas they swear they could (before today) open up to 5 chats simultaneously.

I am trying to identify what the cause of this is – and I suspect it could be to do with the capacity field under the presence configuration, which is set to 5, whereas the Queue Size Per Agent was set to 3 on the Chat Buttons and Automated Invitations Page.

I am having trouble understanding the official documentation around this, especially as I didn’t implement chat in our org.

To help me troubleshoot this issue I want to understand the following:

What is the difference between these two fields?

One Answer

Queue Size Per Agent determines how deep the queue can go. For example, given 10 users with a QSPA of 3, up to 30 customer can be "on hold" while the ten agents do what they're doing. This has no effect on how many chat windows agents can have open, only the number of queued customers. Capacity is a measure of how busy users are. This includes chats and other work items. Note that if a user has open tabs, it consumes capacity. This may be what's happening. This may help you:

Omni-Channel capacity relies on the tabs of items that are routed within the console. If you see that agents appear to not have any chats/work items routing to them even when available and capacity appears to be open, have them check their open tabs. If there are any tabs that were routed chats/work items still present in the console, these will consume capacity.

So, if the user is working on other things than just chats, they'll only be able to open a few chats, and if they don't close their completed chats, they'll not get any new chats. You may want to increase their capacity if you think it will help, but you also need to make sure they're closing their work items when they're done with them.

For example, if an agent has a Case routed to them, and a case has a Capacity Usage of 2, with a total Capacity for the agent of 5, then they can only have at most 3 open chats. They can only work so many work items at a time.

Answered by sfdcfox on November 27, 2020

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