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Salesforce Asked by QuestionAsker123 on November 30, 2020

Hi SalesForce community,

I’ve some difficulties to create a footer/letterhead for an Visual Force email template. I know you can’t create a letterhead for an Visual force email template but is it possible to bypass it, or do you know another solution?

Current situation: I’ve multiple email templates, html email templates but also multiple Visual Force email templates. I’m searching for a solution to create 1 dynamic footer that can be used on every email template.

Thanks for helping me out!

One Answer

You are correct in that VF Email Templates can not use letterheads (this is a feature of HTML email templates)

But you can create a custom VF component and add a reference to it at the end of every VF Email template:

VF Email template:

<messaging:emailTemplate recipientType="Contact"
    subject="Case report for Account: {!}"
    replyTo="[email protected]">


            <p>Dear {!},</p>
            ... other markup
            <c:MyFooter>  <!-- THE FOOTER COMPONENT --> 

The Custom Component MyFooter

   <h3>Please visit us at</h3>   <!-- your markup -->

These custom components can be as sophisticated as you want - they can include images that link to social media sites, be of different type faces or sizes etc. You can even pass contextual parameters from the parent email template in case some footers need variation.

VisualForce Custom Components reference

ADVISORY: VF Email Templates have rendering issues if the running user is Automated Process (such as in Platform Events). This may have been fixed by the time you are reading this. YMMV

Note: If you have a mix of HTML Letterhead and VF email templates, you will have to duplicate the "work" but at least the VF version is localized, easy to change and footers are unlikely to change often

Correct answer by cropredy on November 30, 2020

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