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Russian Language Asked on October 4, 2021

About the sentence: “Я живy с семьёй.” –> Phonetic: [Yah zhivu s sem’yoy.]

When pronouncing the “independent c”. Would you pronounce both the “s:es” in one go or would you make a short pause before pronouncing “sem’yoy”?

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You would pronounce them in one go. Think of give us some.

Note also that in this case, you've got two phonemically different consonants; the first [s] is hard and the second one is soft ([sʲ]). Some people assimilate, though, making them both soft; it's subject to free variation.

Russian generally doesn't do pauses. The only Russian word that contains a "pause" of sorts (glottal stop) is the colloquial не-а "nope".

Answered by Nikolay Ershov on October 4, 2021

No pause, just make it doubled, as it is. Pronounce it as if imitating a snake's hissing.

Answered by Victor Bazarov on October 4, 2021

No, it usually goes like "double S". Actually, you may/should even omit a pause after "живу", and say "SS" by using the exhalation of "У".

Answered by Matt on October 4, 2021

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