How to say the difference between two things

Russian Language Asked by user14756 on October 4, 2021

How would one say "The difference between [object A] and [object B] is…" in Russian? For instance, I might want to ask "Do you know the difference between chinos and jeans?"

A quick google translate gives разница между

I thought that между was only used when describing where objects were situated spatially, but I also don’t know much of the language.

Is this even a natural way to speak in Russian? Or would it depend on the situation?

One Answer

"Разница между" you've googled, like in:

Ты [вот]/[хоть] знаешь, в чем разница между джинсами и чинос?

Is completely correct and definitely is a way to go. Apart from that one can just say:

Ты знаешь, чем отличаются джинсы от чинос?

or even (slightly ungrammatical but de-facto existing):

Ты знаешь, чем отличаются джинсы и чинос?

Correct answer by shabunc on October 4, 2021

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