A Delivery Drone

Robotics Asked by Will on December 6, 2020

I’m building a delivery drone as my final year project. A drone that can deliver a package to offices around my small town autonomously, for my final year project.

I would like to know how this drone can find the exact location of these offices, since I couldn’t find them on Google map?

One Answer

Most of the outdoor drones use GPS for autonomous navigation. Even the flight controllers like Ardupilot and Naza need to be given the GPS coordinates of the destination for autonomous flights. The best way to do this is go to the exact location and get the GPS coordinates and then program the flight controller.

Apart from this approach there are image and point cloud based approaches to localize the drones but they are a bit complex methods and require a considerable time to implement.

Answered by Tharindu Suraj on December 6, 2020

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