Is there a list of Ghidra's variable prefixes?

Reverse Engineering Asked by Axel Persinger on May 9, 2021

In Ghidra, the decompiler prepends various prefixes to variable names. For instance, iVar1 is an integer. However, there are a lot of prefixes that aren’t immediately obvious, find some below, but I’m looking for a complete dictionary if anyone knows where it is:

  • local_31
  • auStack8320
  • uStack4
  • DAT_<addr>

One Answer

This is annoyingly hard to find the answer to. This is a good starting point, but I don't think I found everything yet.

  1. Variable names
    1. From
      1. param_
      2. local_
      3. local_res
      4. temp_
    2. From <-- this function has most (maybe all?) of the variable naming logic. There are multiple pieces of this function that I don't yet understand; I'm pretty confident there are additional variable naming conventions hiding in there.
      1. unaff_retaddr
      2. unaff_
      3. in_
      4. param_
        1. While also referenced in, I believe this is where the name is actually generated.
      5. extraout_
      6. Var
        1. Seems to usually be prefixed by something else (like i in your example)
    3. I think this function in is the one that creates stack variables, but I haven't yet confirmed.
  2. Label names (from
    1. SUB_
    2. LAB_
    3. DAT_
    4. UNK_
    5. EXT_
    6. FUN_
    7. OFF_

Also useful, the script has some explanations for what some of these mean. Namely, some of the variants of extraout, in_, and unaff_.

Answered by hairlessbear on May 9, 2021

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