How to get pointer's address?

Reverse Engineering Asked by Minute on December 3, 2020

I’ve tried to reverse engineering Clash Royale.
First strange thing is that I can’t find in maps.

cat /proc/<pid>/maps | grep

As I understand split_config.arm64_v8a.apk contains

With GameGuardian I’ve tried to found info about gold (money). I found some values but all of them was in [anon:libc_malloc]

Am I right that it’s heap?

I also tried to search pointer of gold value but I didn’t find so I tried to search pointer on [anon:libc_malloc] but I was confused. Like pointer on [anon:libc_malloc] was in another heap. I think it was bad idea.

I thought I can find some offest of where I can find pointer that contains info about gold.

I don’t understand how it works.
Can you explain how it should work and how can I get info about gold in this game?

I know this game has protection so I can’t attach to functions so I tried to read memory.

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