Want to use my pi as a webserver and run OpenVpn for traffic from the pi

Raspberry Pi Asked by Gijs Beijer on January 4, 2022

Just for an experiment I’m configuring my pi to run as a webserver (nginx, php). I’ve got this working and I forwarded port 80 to my pi. This also worked.

Although as soon as I enable OpenVPN it blocks the traffic, for private browsing etc.

Would it be possible at all to get this setup working, and how would I go about it?

I prefer to be send in the right direction instead of just a direct answer (e.g. look into …, http://url would be a good place to start, tip: follow this and this method) 😀 This way i’ll learn more from it.

Thanks all!

One Answer

You do not tell much about your configuration but you say you are more interested to be pointed in the right direction. To look how OpenVPN works you can use a
Simple openVPN with static keys.
It keeps things simple because it doesn't use an asymetric key infrastructure.

Here you can find some other examples:
How To Create A Private Subnet Behind Raspberry Pi?
Raspberry Pi as OpenVPN Access Point

If you want to have a bridged VPN using tap interfaces you can look at
How to bridge an access point with a remote network by openvpn?
but that isn't a simple setup in particular with troubleshooting because it doesn't work with ip addresses but mac addresses.

You may also consider to use Wireguard instead of OpenVPN:
How to bridge an access point with a remote network by Wireguard? (with the use of systemd-networkd).

Answered by Ingo on January 4, 2022

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