Pioneer TV shows "unsupported" when connected to RPI 4

Raspberry Pi Asked by DannyNiu on October 29, 2020

When I connect my 2GB RAM Raspberry Pi 4 (running 64-bit Ubuntu-Mate 20.04) to my Pioneer LED-42K200D, the TV shows "unsupported", which I infer as referring to the signal format. I’ve tried various configurations in config.txt, and nothing work.

One Answer

That TV model, and some model from the same and other vendors have the option to select between HDMI/DVI/Auto-detect mode, which corresponds to CEA (Consumer Electronics Association) and DMT (Display Monitor Timings) HDMI groups hdmi_group in this.

If your TV is in Auto-detect mode, it may confuse the signal sent from the Pi. Set the TV to DVI and configure the Pi to DMT (or TV to HDMI and Pi to CEA if you want sound) to fix it.

Correct answer by DannyNiu on October 29, 2020

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