First time setup - no HDMI output

Raspberry Pi Asked by user2694019 on December 24, 2020

At first install I get no output to my monitor at all. Have tried two different monitors and two different HDMI cables. Black screen. I assume this must be a hardware error, or have I missed something?
– USB mouse
– USB keyboard
– USB card reader with preinstalled card (have tested that this reader works on another PC)
– Original Raspberry pi power supply connected and led lights stable red
– HDMI cable to monitor (two different tried and two different monitors)

Model: Pi3-b

One Answer

Does it output a black screen or does the monitor see no input? A stable red LED would mean that power is being supplied to the Raspberry Pi. Since you haven't mentioned a green LED flickering it would mean that it isn't doing anything.

Your microSD card has to go inside the built in microSD card slot on your Pi. You can't use the USB card reader.

Judging from your situation, you either have the microSD card plugged in the wrong place or you didn't format the card properly for the board.

Answered by Electric Skeleton on December 24, 2020

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