Docker disables network connectivity

Raspberry Pi Asked by StevePoling on October 16, 2020

I am building a Kubernetes cluster and I set all the nodes’ IP address to be static. This introduces a problem with Docker. When Docker is installed, I lose network connectivity. (Uninstall it and network connectivity comes back.)

So, I did some googling and seems there’s a conflict with lxplug-network. Theoretically, my cure is to use the GUI network configure tool and un-select a checkbox to "Automatically configure empty options."

Trouble is that I don’t have a GUI anymore. I downloaded the 64-bit beta (with GUI desktop) and then uninstalled the desktop’s packages before cloning the SD for all the nodes.

How can I un-select the checkbox using just the shell? Is there a config file I can edit to do this? Is the GUI network config tool still running in the background?

Obviously, I’m confused.



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