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Quantum Computing Asked by BrockenDuck on February 28, 2021

I don’t know if this is the right place to ask this question. I just thought it would be a place where people knew what they are doing. If there is a better place to look for answers (stackoverflow for example), feel free to tell me.

The problem is that .NET can’t install iqsharp. It says it doesn’t recognize the file even though it is in the PATH folder (user/.dotnet/tools).

> dotnet iqsharp install
Could not execute because the specified command or file was not found.
Possible reasons for this include:
  * You misspelled a built-in dotnet command.
  * You intended to execute a .NET Core program, but dotnet-iqsharp does not exist.
  * You intended to run a global tool, but a dotnet-prefixed executable with this name could not be found on the PATH.

It shows the same behavior when I want to use other .NET packages. I have dotnet version 3.1.101. I can send dotnet –info if you want.

I have looked on github and other websites for solutions but most of the problems were caused by Linux Ubuntu and most of the treads are still open.

Thanks for reading and I hope you can help me.

2 Answers

Basicaly what happened is that dotnet didn't add itself to path. Path is an environment variable which is basically a list of paths to find executable. You can see it by simply typing PATH in the command prompt. You have to add the path to your dotnet tools which should be %USERPROFILE%/.dotnet/tools in the control panel. Look on the internet about how to do it, there are plenty tutorials. The problem should be solved.

Answered by BrockenDuck on February 28, 2021

Go to Pycharm or VS Code and in console do write this command pip install qsharp . It works well.

Answered by Siddharth Reddy on February 28, 2021

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