How to calculate electric-dipole transitions

Physics Asked by Fisjog on November 26, 2020

$D_{z}$ is the electric-dipole operator. How to determine the quantum numbers of the bra for that the matrix elements are not null
where $pi$ is the parity of the system.

Can someone nudge me in the right direction?

One Answer

Consider parity. Is the parity of the dipole operator odd? (It usually, is, it's often something like $ez$ where $e$ is the electron charge and $z$ is the location). Then the integral over all space is only non-zero if the product $langle text{state|operator|state}rangle$ is even. So, if the dipole operator is odd, and the $|text{state}rangle$ is odd, then what parity do you need $langle text{state}|$ to be?

Answered by SabrinaChoice on November 26, 2020

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