Are Rippled or Wavy Potato Chips Stronger?

Physics Asked by Evorlor on August 26, 2020

I am buying some potato chips. I want to use dip. But half the time I do my chips in the dip, they break apart.

Do wavy chips, with the wider bends have a greater strength? Or do the rippled chips, with the tiny bends have more strength? I am trying to find the best chip when it comes to dipping without the chip breaking.

Clarification based on the answers:
Are rippled chips stronger than wavy chips? I am not asking about standard chips.

2 Answers

Yes they are. The reason is that their cross-section has a greater value of the second moment of area so they bend less easier. To give you a similar example ,try to google 'sheet metal roofing' and notice their formation.

Answered by user98038 on August 26, 2020

Rippled potato chips are generally stronger. There's a reason why water bottles have grooves in them.

It's like trying to break a popsicle stick by applying a force parallel to its side or perpendicular to it. It is much stronger when you apply the force parallel to its side because there is more material on the relevant plane relative to the applied force to resist the combination of tension and compression.

Answered by Sigma on August 26, 2020

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