Bulldog hates other small dogs

Pets Asked by user12613 on November 29, 2020

I have a 3 year old English bulldog who is generally very happy and playful with people and big dogs, but she always tries to pick a fight with smaller dogs. We also have a Labrador at home, so I’m assuming she thinks she’s a big dog (she’s actually smaller than a typical bulldog at around 19kg).

When we run into a small dog during walks or gatherings, if the small dog is close enough she will chase it and make LOUD noises that we don’t normally hear. I can usually control her fairly good on the leash, but it’s like her internal instincts kick in and any training goes out the window. I don’t think she ever bit another dog, but it freaks out everyone involved and makes it completely awkward to deal with.

How do I handle this? I feel like correcting her on the spot does nothing. Walking away immediately somewhat works, but doesn’t feel like an actual solution.

One Answer

You say your dog fights with other dogs and yet you say she doesn't display aggressive behavior like showing teeth or stiffening up. Sounds to me like this might not be aggressive behavior, especially since she isn't showing this type of behavior to just any dog, but small dogs. What's her tail like, is it wagging, or down between her legs? Is she growling? She may want to play with the other dogs and may be too forward about it, since you say she's a playful dog. Please provide more information.

Answered by KoshVorlon on November 29, 2020

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