Juniper EX how to clear route forwarding table?

Network Engineering Asked on December 25, 2020

After layer 3 routing a large IPv6 assignment on an EX Juniper switch, the route forwarding table filled up and some entries corrupted or became otherwise invalid. We want to clear the whole table. How?

3 Answers

You can do this manually with this simple command:

clear route forwarding-table

As example(Juniper EX4200):

> clear route forwarding-table ?    

Possible completions: Destination prefix {master:0}

Answered by Ivan Gurzhiy on December 25, 2020

Although your issue is cleared, here is your answer:

clear ethernet-switching table

Answered by DRP on December 25, 2020

It seems like it cleared up itself after deleting the prefixes from the configuration.

Answered by Anonymous on December 25, 2020

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